It’s a Happen! @ {Poem88} November 16/7-9

Runway readers + hats in the making + our finale reader: The Duchess of Grant Park make the launch of Your Posthumous Dress real & real exciting. Each reader will be wearing early McQueen-inspired fashions…

My goal is to raise $500 for SHATTERPROOF, a national nonprofit organization devoted to ending the devastation addiction causes families. Ticket prices are just $5, and you’ll receive a chapbook with the poems we’ll be reading, but we are open to donations as well. Go to my event page on Facebook to attend the event.

Marvelous McQueen-tribute hats, made by the wondrous haberdashers Bitsy Pitts & Karen Mason, will be worn by YPD readers & auctioned to benefit SHATTERPROOF. The nonprofit will receive all proceeds from the event, and these readers are just helping introvert me make this a happen (thanks y’all).

Go to my donation page if you’d like to contribute beyond the ticket price, or you can’t make it and understand the necessity for action to help the addiction crisis that is devastating young people & the communities they live in. Here’s where your money goes.

Thanks for your ❤s.

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